Liposomes in Cosmetics

In cosmetics the technique of liposomal encapsulation of cosmetic ingredients is performed with phospholipids (as liposomals or as nanoemulsions) and enables a more efficient and controlled transport of cosmetic active substances into the skin. We call our encapsulated products LipoVes®.

Phospholipids interact with the surface of the stratum corneum and thus can support the penetration of active ingredients into the skin. Unsaturated phospholipids are key molecules involved in the process of skin formation and skin renewal. As cosmetic active ingredients, they can significantly counteract the visible signs of skin aging on a cellular level.

However encapsulated phospholipids can do much more than being an effective tool to help skin absorb active cosmetic ingredients.

Further benefits:
  • improve the stability of active ingredients
  • increase skin hydration by surface adhesiveness,
  • enhance dermal bioavailability and skin

Size matters:

As per multiple studies smaller liposomes have been more effective in delivery of active cosmetic ingredients. We at UBIB AG are working together with Hangzhou RebTech and we offer the LipoVes® with an approximate particle size of 50nm to 150nm.
Our complete range of LipoVes® does not fall under EC 1223/2009 nanomaterials.

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